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    Top 6 Free Business Specialties You Can Work With!

    Self-employment provided radical solutions to all restrictions imposed on full-time workers and provided remote jobs. Now those who choose independent work will not need to go daily to their office or work place. Because he can work from home or anywhere else he wants. 7 Figure Cycle can also choose its own working times and schedules.

    A recent study found that nearly 54 million people in the United States work within the framework of independent work, and 60% of them have started their own free will.

    The same study revealed that 50% of the independents said that they would not leave their jobs and resort to traditional jobs, regardless of the financial compensation they would receive at the time. Free work can not be limited to a specific field. Any person who can work in any discipline can do so as long as he can provide his services professionally in this field.

    Here are some of the most important areas of work you can do:

    1. Writing and content creation

    Currently, the written press has begun to decline. All the newspapers have started to build their own websites to display their content, which has led to the development and spread of electronic journalism as the primary alternative to written journalism. Hence the importance of editing and content creation in the boom. It is not important for a site specialized in the manufacture of reports, research or even various articles without the content makers or editors.

    The field of writing and content creation extends to many different disciplines, starting with writing books, stories and novels, writing scripts for films or plays, and writing text for television programs. In addition to the industry and editing news, or editing press reports, and the industry of advertising content in of companies and institutions, or even the creation of the content of social networking sites.

    The importance of writing and the creation of content is one of the most important specialties of free work. It is no less important than the field of graphic design. As the organization needs a distinguished designer to express and manufacture its own visual identity, it also needs a good writer who can convey their message and maintain contact with the world. Anyone who has the skills of writing and editing can start as a content maker in his or her field of expertise.

    2- Marketing and sales

    The success of any company or product lies in its distinctive marketing. Most aspects of work depend primarily on successful marketing. Because marketing is the process by which the product or service is offered, and the promotion of potential customers. Providing specialized support to companies and institutions, helping them grow and expand through in-depth market understanding, developing effective marketing strategies, and implementing targeted marketing campaigns.

    Although marketing is very important for companies to succeed, it may be very expensive at first. Some companies may spend nearly half of their sales on marketing, so companies seek marketing programs that give them the best chance to grow and compete in the market at reasonable prices. To marketers and providers of marketing support from independents, making the marketing field one of the most important areas of independent business.

    Graphic design

    The best way to deliver a message in electronic or print media is to use colors, illustrations or animation, and photography, as well as various planning and printing techniques. Graphic design is one of the most popular areas of free work. It is the art of visual communication and problem solving through the use of the art of typography, photography, and graphics.

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    Graphic designers plan, develop and analyze different data to create visual design that can deliver the desired goal or message. They design books, newspapers, magazines, and diagrams. As well as the design of the complete visual identity of companies, through which the company expresses its objectives and values, and even the presentation and marketing of its products. The design of the visual identity begins with the logo of the company or organization, through the company's website, its advertisements, in addition to all publications, company papers, and even the employees' clothing and identification cards.

    So if you want to start working as a graphic designer you have to have talent and creative ability, then master the basic skills of design such as color theory, the ability to collect and mix colors, and distinguish them. As well as mastering the work on different design software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and other software.

    4. Translation

    Because of the evolution of social communication between humans and the lack of proficiency of all human beings for the same language, the need for translation skills has increased, making 7 Figure Cycle one of the fastest growing professions to date. Translation is an important way for the global interaction between nations and peoples, through which the individual can identify the cultures of nations by reading their history, science, and literature.

    The importance of translation is not only to establish interactive relations among nations to achieve progress in politics or technology. The field of translation is broadened to include the translation of books, research and scientific messages, the translation of specialized reports, the translation of commercial or legal contracts, or even the translation of educational certificates.

    5. Programming and development

    Programming is one of the most important fields and disciplines of entrepreneurship. Programming and development are the basis for independent work. There is no website except programming and web development. There is no application for smart phones without programming. According to the Upwork website, programming in different languages ​​is one of the most important and most lucrative business disciplines.

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    The development of any program involves a series of steps, starting from knowing the programmer on the problem, planning the solution, and then writing the "code" of the program, to test it and verify its success, and then document it and adopt it. So if you want to start working as a programmer to master the necessary skills and familiarity with different programming languages.

    6. Information technology

    Getting started with computers has changed the business world forever, and companies rely on different software to pay for the use of IT to ensure that their business runs smoothly and securely. Therefore, the field of information technology is one of the most important areas in the labor market, not just free work. Information technology is the study and use of systems to store, retrieve and send information. Including software, hardware and applications.

    The IT field is not limited to business and companies only. It plays an essential role in the field of modern education through the preparation, storage and presentation of various training courses on the Internet. With the development of self-learning and the emergence of open source courses, there are many sites specialized in providing training courses from the most important universities online so that students around the world can benefit from them. So if you are looking for a unique specialty to start working as an independent you can start after mastering the skills and expertise needed in the field of computer and information technology.

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    I aslo find that:

    The 7-Figure Cycle Course Overview

    At it’s core it is a training program and a DFY business-in-a-box solution. This is the revelation of a system that has been used to generate more $50,000,000 in online sales in just a handful of years.

    This is done by leveraging distributors that give access to product catalogs with millions of physical products. They dig deep into the SKU data in order to choose only the best opportunities. Then, they send them to Amazon, then let that beast do all the heavy lifting.

    Here is the very high level overview of the what they teach:

        Find Your Wholesaler – or use one from their database
        Identify Profitable Product(s) – using their breakthrough software
        Purchase Product and Prepare It For Sale
        Send Product To Amazon
        Sell Product Within 14 Days At 50%+ Profit Margin
        Rinse & Repeat – As Much As You Want!

    Once the foundation is laid, it is expected that you can see profits withing mere hours due to the instant access to the buyer traffic in the Amazon ecosystem.

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