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  • Sat 2nd Sep 2017 - 2:01am

    During a quick trip to Zara last week, I was reminded of how much better the brand’s shoes often look in real life than they do in photos. I know a lot of people who’d disagree with this (Almost every time I write about Zara, I Longchamp Bag get comments from people almost scolding me for featuring shoes they consider to be poor quality, but I’ve honestly never had an issue with them – each to their own, I guess!), but I saw quite a few pairs which I’d thought were just OK on the website, but which I really loved when I saw them in-store.Unfortunately (or perhaps Michael Kors Outlet fortunately, given that I didn’t actually have any spare money to spend on shoes), these baby blue t-bars weren’t in the store I visited, but I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for them on any future visits, because I absolutely love the colour and shape. These actually bear out what I was saying above, because if you look at Michael Kors Purses the photos of them on the model, I think they look a whole lot better than they do in the product shots. When I first looked at them, I thought the toe was too long, but on the model they look perfect, so I guess they’re going to be one of those “try them on and see for yourself” items.As Longchamp I said, I’m particularly keen of the colour of these – this particular shade of baby blue is a favourite of mine, and often proves to be totally irresistible to me, especially if I find it on knitwear or shoes. It’s such a summery shade that these are crying it to be worn with other pastels, or possibly some floral Coach Factory prints: I also think they’d look lovely with black, however, creating a really nice contrast.
    I know I’ve talked about this before, but I’m a big fan of navy, and wear it fairly often: it’s basically my answer to black, being that little bit more forgiving to my pale complexion, and it’s just as good a neutral. There’s just one Coach Outlet Stores problem, though: shoes. While there’s no shortage of black shoes, in every style imaginable, navy ones are normally a bit harder to come by. I solve the problem by wearing my navy skirts and dresses with either nude, red, gold or animal print (Well, I did tell you it makes a pretty good neutral!), but if you do want to Longchamp Sale wear navy on navy, here’s a pair of boots you just might love:If navy shoes are hard to come by, navy boots are like gold dust, so I was pleased to find these blue velvet ankle boots over at Kurt Geiger. Granted, the luxe-look upper might limit their use slightly, but they’re a great colour, and a great shape, so…I Michael Kors mean, WOW, right? It’s the only word to describe these, really. That bow! That colour! Did I mention the bow?! These are true show-stoppers of shoes, and I could not possibly love them more. Well, actually, I could: the colour, whilst amazing, is one I know from experience I just don’t ever wear, so these would be a bad investment Michael Kors Factory Store for me, at £230. Unless, of course, I were to just view them as the pieces of art they undoubtedly are, and try to justify them that way? No? Well, it was worth a shot.Glitter pumps are ten Coach Purses a penny at this time of year, obviously, but not only are these ones blue, rather than the standard black or metallic, they also have that lovely scalloped edge to set them apart. They’re called ‘Glassy’, and they’re £130 at Kurt Geiger.
    These shoes seemed a little bit of of place on the Zara website.Don’t get me wrong: Zara is one of my top 5 brands, and has been for a long time – my closet is full of their clothes and shoes, but while I can always find something to suit my taste there, there’s no denying that a lot of the merchandise – particularly in the shoe section – tends to skew towards the “trendy” side of style: which, right now means lots of embroidered boots and blocky heels. Nestled amongst all of those on-trend pieces, though, I found this pair of baby blue patent Mary Janes, which Coach Outlet are much more prim and proper than they are “cutting edge fashion,” don’t you think?For me, that very “prim and proper” look is the main reason I don’t actually own any shoes in this style. I have done in the past, but while I love looking at them, the very ladylike feel is one that I worry could look a Longchamp Outlet little bit matronly when worn with the midi skirts and dresses I tend to favour. While they might not quite work for me, however, I do think these are objectively beautiful shoes, and I absolutely love the colour, which makes me think of spring, Easter eggs and all of the good things that come with the new season. These Coach Outlet Online will undoubtedly work well with all of the spring florals and pastels we’ll no doubt be seeing soon, but I think they’ll also work well with an all-black (or, alternatively, all white) outfit, with the pale blue shoes offering a bit of contrast.I’ve almost talked myself into wanting to buy them here, so I should probably stop now, before I Michael Kors Outlet Online go adding them to my Wish List… OR before I venture away from the shoe section, and start adding some clothes to my shopping basket, while I’m there!

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