Topic Limitations of IVR and Speech Recognition Technologies

  • Wed 16th May 2018 - 10:41am

    IVR and speech recognition technologies have come a LONG way since their adoption by call centers during the 1970's. These technologies are now able to identify spoken words and phrases with a much higher degree of accuracy than ever before, allowing companies to set up larger and more flexible automated response systems than they could even a decade ago. The technology itself holds a lot of promise and IVR algorithms are becoming ever more sophisticated. It's capability to integrate with business applications offers a whole new realm of possibilities for businesses of all sizes.

    However, for all their advancements, mainstream IVR Call Center technologies are not yet capable of replicating the intelligence level and conversational flexibility of a human being. If your phone system requires more than simply inputting yes/no responses or making a selection from a list of multiple-choice options, then basic IVR technology will be unable to meet your caller's needs.

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