Avalanche is an experienced gaming community. Our mission is to achieve a respected, fun, professional on-line gaming environment which caters for our members preferred level of requirements. Whether it's for competitive, casual or social gaming, Avalanche has you covered.

Avalanche was formed in  September 2014, following the break up of Team No Surrender (nS I) a Call of Duty team, with a strong reputation and competitive player base. In its first four months, the new Avalanche team went on to become europe's top Xbox One Titanfall team on Gamebattles, holding number one positions on the singles, doubles and team ladders. This new found success, enabled us to secure our first sponsor 6G internet. 

Avalanche is an Xbox/PC/PS4 community with years of experience competing at a high level in many of today's best selling titles, such as: Battlefield, Call of Duty, Destiny, Titanfall , CS:GO and Smite. We are currently, the number one european Smite team on the Gamebattles ladder.   

Avalanche is at the forefront of the gaming community, with experienced gaming knowledge, unique YouTube  content, entertaining live streams and discounts on high quality merchandise, which is all readily available at our members fingertips. 

With your support, we are moving closer to our goal of developing an iconic brand and being one of the best gaming communities in the world, which are members and sponsors are proud to represent. 

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. Avalanche E-sports.